Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tofu was a swear word

Honestly, I NEVER thought I'd be a tofu eater. My main experience with tofu had been in cold soups that different Asian exchange students had made for us (the worst one even had a raw egg in it...blech).

However, now I am trying to develop a healthier taste palate, I have been meaning to give tofu a second chance. I just had to forgive and forget its previous seaweed and raw egg missteps in my life. So when I saw this post from The Pioneer Woman, I decided it was time. And it was a success! I love it, Daddy Badger loves it, Baby Badger loves it, and Baby Badger #2 got to experience it secondhand ;) Tasty and healthy. I highly recommend it.

Tofu, I am glad I gave you a second chance.

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