Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food As Fuel

Cars don't use gasoline because it tastes good, it's a special event, or because they're bored. Gasoline is fuel.

Likewise, food, generally speaking, should be used as fuel. That's what it was created for. And it's almost universally true that if people are gaining weight from eating, it's because they have been using food for the wrong reason, such as:

-Treats for "special" events
-Boredom cure
-Craving satisfaction
-Because they "deserve" it after a hard day, accomplishment, etc.

Many people are going to want to argue this point, and say, of course someone deserves a treat when it's their birthday or some other special event. But the problem is that every event has become food worthy, and the exciting, good, bad, blah, boring, whatever day should not be an excuse to eat whatever, whenever. So enjoy the occasional treat, but remember, it should be just that: Occasional. A treat. Something unusual. Your body will thank you :)Link
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