Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recipe to try

I've developed an addiction...to pinterest.com. I am so glad I have so many friends who are trying to live healthier lives, because they share ideas for recipes that I am so excited to try. It makes it easy to ignore the recipes for the sugary, fattening treats other friends post! I made this salad last weekend for dinner and Eric and I both loved it. Baby Badger wasn't too keen on it (I think the lime threw him off), but he feasted on some plain corn as a side instead, so it worked out ok. Here's the recipe:

Sauteed Corn and Black Bean Salad (from say YES! to hoboken)

Sautee kernels from 3 ears of corn in 2 T of butter until they start to brown slightly in spots. I used a little olive oil instead of the butter called for because I don't usually have butter around
Remove from heat and toss with:

A can of drained black beans
1 sliced avocado
2 T chopped green onions
Juice of two limes and
A handful of roughly chopped cilantro

Serve chilled

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