Monday, April 8, 2013

Salat, ensalada, salad...

Salad a day has been going well, even though Saturday my salad was iceberg lettuce and tomato slices snitched from the hamburger station at my husband's work party. I'd rather not think about the other food option: crawfish. I don't think any amount of time in the South will warm me up to those little mud bugs.

Sunday was romaine, fresh basil, fresh grated ginger, apples, and walnuts. Yum.

Caught in the act of stealing some of Mommy's salad. We start 'em young around here.

Tonight I plan on making a great salad from some delish FRESH FRESH FRESH greens my friend let me pick from her garden this morning. So excited. The more salad you eat, the better lettuce tastes, seriously. I hardly need dressing anymore.

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