Friday, November 4, 2011

Worrying about the holidays?

For a lot of people, they think of food when they think of the holidays. The scents, sensations and tastes of rich holiday food are probably washing over you right as you read this. This year, I hope that my new health-focused approach to life will help me remember what wonderful things I'm forgetting if I just think about food:

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for our plentiful conditions. Did you know that at one time some Americans actually FASTED to celebrate Thanksgiving? What a thought! I am grateful for my God, my family, and a wonderful job that lets me help people find health and happiness.

Christmas is another time for reflection and gratitude. Celebrating Christ's birth, spending time with those I love, and stepping away from life for a little while are the most wonderful things about this holiday for me. What does a sugar cookie have on that? (I'll give you a hint: NOTHING!)
I am so glad I have this time of year to remember what's important to me. And, by the way, many people on my program actually LOSE weight during the holidays! My mom started right as the holidays went into full swing and she did amazing. So if you want to refocus with me AND start your journey to optimal health, CLICK HERE to learn more!


  1. For me, a balanced diet will never exclude my mother's pumpkin pie. But that's my take. It's better for some to never step off a diet because it makes it too easy to do it again.

  2. I think that's totally fine, a piece of pie to celebrate on a holiday can be a nice treat. But I think that sometimes we forget that it's not ALL about the food, which is what I'm hoping to avoid :)